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MAD For Tots

Mad for Tots is held in the North Ferriby Parish Hall, every Thursday Morning, 10.00am until 11.00am, during term time.

Please note, this is the PARISH HALL on the same side of the road as the Church, AND NOT the Village Hall.

MAD for Tots is open to ALL pre-school Children and the aim is to introduce them to music in a FUN, INTERACTIVE AND VERY LOUD, way. It’s all very exciting, stimulating and educational.

It is one of the few groups for pre-school children that involves ‘live singing’ accompanied by ‘live guitar.’ The children get to accompany Kevin & Claire with an array of percussion instruments, taking part in songs – many of which are specially written for MAD for Tots. All the songs are intended to stimulate and educate, and can include singing, dancing, counting and learning the alphabet.

Kevin and Claire make it great fun, get the children to join in, and make as much noise as they wish.

The children also get to take part in ‘Show Time’ where they get the chance to sing (probably for the very first time in their lives) on a proper ‘loud’ microphone.

The session is rounded off by some party games and fun dances.


At 11.00am we all relax and have refreshments. Juice and Cadbury’s Fingers for the Children; Tea/Coffee and biscuits for the adults. All included in the price.

The cost is £5.00 per child per session and you pay weekly as you attend. Reductions for further children from the same family. No charge for babies on knee. Below is an independant review by Jean Henderson for the ‘About Ferriby’ Village Magazine, March 2010

Kevin and Claire Hutchinson run one of the most exciting children’s workshops I have ever had the privilege of attending. It goes by the title of ‘M.A.D. for tots.’

Some of the songs that Kevin leads are ‘old favourintes’ but many were new to me (though not to the children) and all joined in with gusto.

The children took little encouragement to join in with the music and they had a range of instruments to enjoy playing.

I watched entranced as Kevin, playing the guitar, led the children around the room on an imaginary journey to the moon. They sang, danced and mimed their journey and enjoyed an educational game of finding the coloured pieces of ‘moon cheese’ (the mums joined in too – they didn’t want to miss out on the fun.)

Towards the end of a very hectic hour and much to everyone’s delight, Keving got out the ‘parachute.’ The fun is very infectious, and everyone ended up getting beneath it!